Life & Times Annuary: Wayfarer Edition | Fighting Cancer

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We understand that battling cancer is a transformative and enlightening process and we don't want to leave your side. 

A portion of the proceeds of this sale goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

From award-winning documentary filmmakers comes a new genre that promises to be the oldest and most valuable book on your shelf someday - your annuary. The Life & Times Annuary is a diary for your years instead of your days. It gives you a two-page spread to write about the memorable people and places from each year of your life, from birth on. This minimalist memory keeper houses your annual memories, family tree, and tributes to friends and family while providing the inspiration and guidance you’ll need to get it done. With room reserved for your birth certificate in the front, your death certificate in the back, and your most valuable memories in between, your annuary transforms from a memory keeper during your lifetime into a legacy-worthy personal record that can be passed on for generations.

This is a great gift for any life milestones: new babies, graduations, weddings, retirements and birthdays.

Give them a gift to remember.



  • 8.5″x11″ hardcover book
  • Over 300 pages
  • Loaded with inspiration and guidance
  • Space for birth & death certificates
  • Entries beyond 100 years old
  • Inclusive Family Tree - adapts easily for every kind of family 
  • Room to share stories about “family members” who weren’t legally related
  • A section to write tributes for lost loved ones